(NEW) Lumiere whitepaper is on the ArXiv: [Lumiere: Making Optimal BFT for Partial Synchrony Practical]. With Andrew Lewis-Pye, Oded Naor and Kartik Nayak.

A previous post on View Synchronization in BFT Consensus surfaces the following conundrum in state-of-art solutions:

  • 🙇 Two recent breakthrough BFT solutions in the partial synchrony model, Lewis-Pye/RareSync, achieve communication-optimality.

  • 😩 However, they suffer expected linear latency each time a Byzantine leader is encountered.

💡 In the post below, we introduce Lumiere, a BFT solution in the partial synchrony model that retains communication optimality, while simultaneously having constant latency when a bad leader is encountered.

Read also our preliminary 📭 with Andrew Lewis-Pye and Oded Naor: Optimal Latency and Communication SMR View-Synchronization